Corporate Events & Meeting Tips in St. Petersburg, FL

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Corporate Events & Meeting Tips in St. Petersburg, FL

If you’re in charge of booking a corporate event or business meeting for your company, you’ve already got a lot on your plate. Not only do you need to make this event informative and useful for your coworkers and staff, but you also want to make it fun and enjoyable!

This all starts with choosing the right location, and if you are located anywhere near St. Pete Beach, Florida or if you’re looking to come to this area for your retreat or corporate getaway, Sirata Resort is the perfect business retreat destination.

At Sirata Resort, we offer numerous event spaces and function rooms for you to choose from. Whether it’s a small conference room you need or a large outdoor activity space or lunch meeting location, we’ve got you covered.

We also have these tips for planning your corporate event or meeting efficiently and effectively:

Corporate Event Planning Tips

  • When in doubt, go small.Don’t try to pack too much information and experience into your event or meeting. Instead of “going wide,” make the event more niche-oriented, and narrow your focus. Everyone will appreciate it.
  • Let people relax.You didn’t invite your staff and coworkers to a retreat in St. Pete Beach just to have them smell the beautiful salty air and never touch the water! Mix information and learning with fun and relaxation. That’s what it’s all about.
  • Make the experience sense-ational. That is, liven up your presentations and events with tactile experiences. Integrate music and sound, unique food and beverage, and fun grab bags and swag. It helps people to stay engaged and makes the information being delivered more memorable.
  • Let your tech take center stage.Otherwise, their tech will win the interest. In other words, if you want your attendees to focus on something you’re doing or your guest speaker is doing instead of on their phones, opt for high-tech focal points: video presentations, music, demonstrations, and more.

Booking a Corporate Event at Sirata in St. Petersburg, FL

Whether you’re looking to book a seamless beachfront business meeting, a full retreat or conference, or some other form of business or corporate getaway, Sirata Resort in St. Pete Beach, Florida is your go-to destination — and we’re ready for you!

Ready to submit your event request? Simply go here to fill out an RFP (request for proposal) and someone will get back with you as soon as possible to complete your request. Or if you prefer, you can also give us a call at 855.923.7490 to speak with one of our booking agents.

We look forward to inviting you and your coworkers and staff to Sirata, the premier resort in St. Petersburg, Florida!