Grouper Week in St. Pete Beach, Florida

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Grouper Week in St. Pete Beach, Florida

The Gulf Coast of Florida claims some internationally prized gamefish in its estuaries, bays, and turquoise seas: some coveted for their fighting ability, some for their elusiveness, and some because they make fabulously good eating.

St. Pete is gearing up once again to celebrate one of the standout stars of that latter category: namely, the grouper. Grouper Week, which begins July 22, makes an utterly delightful, utterly can’t-miss celebration of this sultan of seafood. And meanwhile the Sirata Beach Resort, seated as we are at the white-sand doorstep of the Gulf, should be your number-one choice for Grouper Week lodging!

A very brief tidbit of ichthyological background: Florida’s actually home to several kinds of big-eyed, big-mouthed grouper, from the smallish scamp to the aptly named goliath grouper, a genuine behemoth that can tip the scales at 800 pounds.

Grouper Week Festivities: Gastronomic Glories & On-the-Water Adventure

How does Grouper Week go down? Loads of area restaurants spotlight the fish on their menus, for one thing, while fishing charters offer the opportunity to cast for this legendary quarry yourself. And on Friday, July 28, the festivities blossom into the St. Pete Grouper Seafood Fest Food Truck Rally at Port St. Pete, which sees a slew of food trucks dishing up their own grouper-grounded delicacies to a soundtrack of live music.

World-Class Seafood Awaits at Sirata Beach Resort, Too

Sirata Beach Resort serves as a peerless Grouper Week headquarters. Besides the all-around excellence of our luxury beachfront accommodations and dazzling amenities, we also offer a trio of eateries with their own stellar seafood. At our beloved Compass Grille, for instance, you can savor our signature Blackened Grouper Crostini as an appetizer, or tuck into the royal feast of our Grilled Grouper with Lemons & Capers, accompanied by basil linguini and sautéed veggies.

Take in St. Pete’s Grouper Week at Sirata Beach Resort

We imagine you’re quite hungry by now, and eager to pair the flavor of fresh-caught Gulf grouper with the feel of soft sand between your toes and a balmy sea breeze on your cheek. Get in touch with us here at Sirata Beach Resort and reserve your beautiful guest room or suite in time for St. Pete’s one-of-a-kind Grouper Week, and you’ll be making it happen!