Theaters & Things to Do near St. Petersburg, FL

While in St. Pete Beach, our guests at Sirata Beach Resort are often looking for activities and events in the area that suit their interests. Many times, this means concerts and theater events.

And fortunately for our entertainment-loving guests, St. Pete Beach is full of wonderful venues. There’s always a good show going on in St. Pete Beach.

To learn about the various theaters and venues in the area, read on:

American Stage

American Stage has been telling compelling, meaningful stories through their on-stage works since 1977. Throughout Tampa Bay, they are known as the most critically-acclaimed and longest-running professional theatre company, and they live up the hype.

Each of their pieces is told with excellence and passion, and they always have an interesting and engaging portfolio of work to present to both locals and visitors to our area.

The Florida Orchestra

Classical music aficionados will love the events put on by The Florida Orchestra, located right here in St. Petersburg. Dating back as far as the 1930s, the orchestral tradition of The Florida Orchestra is rich in diversity and history. Among the numerous Tampa Bay performing arts organizations and institutions, you’ll always find The Florida Orchestra at the top of the list of must-see shows. They perform almost 100 concerts every year, and there’s always something for everyone.

freeFall Theatre Company

FreeFall Theatre Company was founded in 2008. Throughout the year, they put on a variety of both new and classical works, always centering the spotlight on pieces that are daring and bold — choosing the lesser-known, more inspired pieces over the more well-known works that have already been done time and again.

The Mahaffey Theater

The Mahaffey Theater is one of the most beautiful theaters in the state. Located in downtown St. Petersburg, it seats 2,031 and puts on a full schedule of performances year-round. The theater was opened in 1965. Come to see bands, orchestras, ballets, comedians, and more!

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