Green Initiatives

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Sirata Beach Hotel

“The mission of Sirata is to protect and preserve the environment for future generations”

– H. Gregg Nicklaus

The Sirata Beach Resort holds a Green Lodging Certification and employs many environmental initiatives in an effort to create a more sustainable travel future and reduce the impact on our environment. Here are a few of these programs

  • Energy efficient LED lighting is installed in hallways and public areas to conserve energy
  • Eco-friendly lighting is used along the beach walkways so that newly hatched sea turtles are not drawn off course to the Gulf
  • Recycle bins for plastic and aluminum are located at the bars
  • Newspaper bins are located in Guest Vending areas of Buildings 1, 2 and 4
  • Water conservation is encouraged through our towel and linen reuse program

Sirata Beach Resort recognizes how important our beach environment is. Through our green efforts, sea oat planting projects and beach clean-ups, we hope to keep the beach as pristine and healthy as possible.

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